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The New Game

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading to a great evolutionary change in every global business sector. It has to do with the ability of machines and computers to function as humans would. Their ability to mimic human intelligence and perform some roles naturally exclusive to humans is what is described as Artificial Intelligence. There have been concerns of machines taking over the world in the nearest future, and while this may or may not be a baseless assumption, there is a new game in AI and it is crucial that every individual is not just aware of this game, but is ahead of the game. This is the only way to stay ahead of the competition in any sector. It is also the only way to bring about the change we need in our society.

So Much to Do, Yet So Little Time

In our present time, there is the numbing problem of so much to do and so little time. It is, therefore, no wonder that the recent technology is quickly becoming the main force behind emerging technologies such as robotics, IoT, and big data, creating an avenue for technological innovation to bring about a foreseeable tomorrow. From stores, both online and physical, to schools, organizations, companies, and even the medical field, AI is playing key roles in this sector. Not only are online stores employing Artificial Intelligence to build chatbots and keep up with their customer service and complaints, but physical stores are also creating new technologies relevant to their field by means of AI. One of these technologies is the digital mirror present in some sophisticated stores, where customers can easily walk into stores and assess their looks in certain attires, without necessarily having to put anything on or off, as the case may be.

AI Saving Time and Lives

Artificial Intelligence is not only saving time but is also improving efficiency by a great mark. In medical sectors, for instance, Artificial Intelligence is saving lives and improving doctors’ efficiency by means of advanced diagnostics and easy treatments. It is creating a new name for doctors in the medical field. For drivers and motorists, there are recently developed technologies designed into the latest cars to prevent accidents, and even self-drive. Cars are able to self-drive not because they naturally can, but because of the computers specifically designed into them. With algorithms and machine learning, these cars prove to be better by older cars and people now crave to have one of these cars that drive themselves.

This is the new game of Artificial Intelligence. Think of any task only humans were performing- teaching, writing, reading, dancing, analyzing, calculating, diagnosing, driving, etc. and you’ll discover that there is now a machine for each of those tasks. There are dancing robots, just like there are machines built to analyze a company’s most serious problems. This undoubtedly, saves humans a lot of time, enabling them to focus on even more important things. The problem plaguing certain researchers, however, is that if we keep on “empowering” machines to do all we should and take over both our essential duties and even mundane activities, how are we sure that these machines would not in a day turn on us and make us their slaves?

Ridiculous as this might sound, researchers, shave always had a valid point. But most people have countered this claim with the simple fact that Artificial Intelligence cannot be superior to humans, because we are the ones who make them intelligent. Computers cannot do beyond what they have been taught and they have no way of taking over the world because they were not programmed that way. This is why there is no cause for alarm or fear, even as computers gradually take over every sector and field. With the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we can do things we never dreamt of, and we can cross heights we never thought possible. This is the new game and I’m in for it. Are you?