We’re always searching for bright minds and talented writers to contribute to our ever-growing team of GABI Contributors.

GABI Magazine, the fastest leading young entrepreneurial magazine that seeks to not only create a hub for entrepreneurs but also to ensure that every entrepreneur and business owner who comes across GABI, leaves with something highly beneficial to their brand. 

This is why we seek brilliant writers like yourself who are willing to contribute to transforming our society by starting from the very first pillar — the entrepreneurs.

General Requirements;


Articles submitted should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time.


Quality is one of our major values. Your content must give a deeper, more analytical look into current news and trends, ideally with some kind of actionable tip. It has to solve a problem. We’re solution providers and we’re all about ensuring that our audience truly Gains Ascendancy By Inspiration.


With a minimum of fully edited 800 words. You can be as detailed as possible with your article. It must be interesting and must also be straight to the point. Entrepreneurs really have no time to waste.


When citing quotes or information, studies or statistics, always make sure you’re citing from a primary source whenever possible. Additionally, make sure to vet the information for accuracy and statistical viability and include valuable links


Authors bear responsibility for their contributions. Statements of fact or opinion are solely those of the authors and do not imply endorsement by the GABI. 






  • Awareness – People will get to know you for what you know. Once you start writing you may become a reference in a determined subject.
  • Global audience – Writing for GABI is a great opportunity to show your skill to actual people from a global perspective.
  • Storytelling – Writing for GABI is an opportunity to practice writing creative and engaging content.

  • Expand the Potential of Your Outreach – Expand your network and connect with other talented people. Explore how you can begin to develop the next generation of your writing.

  • Marketing – Writing for GABI can be a relevant part of your marketing strategy. When contacting potential new clients, a link to an article on GABI can show your prospects your capabilities.

  • Bank of Your Knowledge – Authors often find a solution to a problem and create an article about it. Many of them have found the answers or inspiration to solve other problems in articles written in the past.

  • A Place to Write About What You Love – Writing for GABI can be an outlet to write freely about specific subjects that you enjoy the most.



Becoming a Contributor

  1. Follow GABI
  2. Fill the pitch form below
  3.  It takes 1 week to process your submission
  4. If your pitch is tentatively accepted, the editorial will create your profile. An email would be forwarded to you. You would be asked to upload your headshot picture and other requirements..


  1. Platform to build your brand with our exceptional profiled audience
  2. Your picture, brand profile, and your bio are tagged alongside your contents.

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Word limit:250
Word limit:250