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Over time, Martial Arts have been known as a relentless endeavour in the pursuit of self-defence. But even beyond self-defence, the unique art has more to offer. One of these is efficient training of the mind. Just as our bodies need to be regularly exercised to keep them in good shape, so do our minds. Anyone hoping to engage in martial arts would have to follow some basic rules. These rules not only help you become highly skilled in martial arts, but they also help you bring about fantastic changes in your life. 

Here are Five Rules of Martial Arts to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Live Healthily

Martial Arts demands that you live healthily. This is a basic rule for everyone who wants to engage in art. You need to let go of junks and unhealthy food, focusing solely on nutritious food such as fresh fruits, vegetables. Every martial artist eats healthy, drinks sufficient water, and exercises regularly. It is the first and most important rule for a martial artist, and beyond martial arts, living a healthy life is always a good choice.


Human beings are born with inherent moral values in identifying right from wrong. These values guide us at home, work, school, religious institution etc. They help us make both huge and small decisions, always sticking to what our conscience tells us. To achieve a better life through martial arts, ethics is to be taken importantly, as a discipline is always required in any field of self-defence. To first defeat your enemy, you must first conquer yourself. This rule of martial arts not only helps you defend yourself in difficult situations, but it also helps you make the right choices and stick to them.


The late martial artist, Bruce Lee affirmed: “Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as reality.” In the world of martial arts, being unyielding and strong-willed when life’s hurdles set in, would take you farther than you anticipated. If you’re able to persevere through anything life throws at you, you’re on your way to living a better life. The truth we fail to accept is that life is full of difficulties, waiting for you at every bend of the road. But when you persevere and forge on despite life’s challenges, you’ll find that the toughest problems no longer faze you.

Remember these simple, yet truthful words of a young Nigerian. “Problem no dey finish. Try dey enjoy.”


Discretion is arguably one of the most claimed ethos of martial arts. Our instincts make up an important part of our thinking process, and it is up to us to trust these instincts. As much as we might choose to defy them now and then, it is up to us to carefully consider the current situations and accurately justify our decisions.

Security Consciousness

Being security conscious helps reduce the odds of disasters befalling us. If only we could be conscious of our surroundings, then some negative occurrences would have been evitable. It is highly important that we train ourselves in the subtle art of security consciousness to prevent drastic occurrences from meeting us unawares. This helps one become mentally sharper and always at alert. 

As a martial artist, or someone aiming to engage in martial arts you need to learn to be conscious wherever you are. Keep your eyes peeled and ears wide open at any place of contact; a mall, a conference room or even at home. This measure is a proven habit to help live life.