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Success is foreseeable, it is not erratic!  The laws of nature are true anywhere especially when it relates to true wealth and poverty, success and failure. It is your input that determines your output. What you consume will be replicated in your physical look, what you learn would be evident in the way you speak and in the things you do, your outer work is a reflection of your inside work.

Success or failure is strictly your responsibility not any other. The days are given to humanity by nature embedded with several opportunities that pose as options left to your authority of choice. Everyone loves the good things of life. These good things are in all spheres of humanity, in your career, finance, family, social life, name it. Imagine all of humanity subscribes to the good things of life, then this question, why is it that only a few of humanity have the good things as their reality? Why is this ratio of mediocrity to exceptionality or affluence this distant? Remember the world only recognizes and celebrates the exceptional class, people with at least a distinguished touch of extraordinariness.

Now to the business sector virtually everyone has one or two skills they monetize but only a few are celebrated, a good number of others are cheerleaders. No doubt there is a place of time and season.  In business, it is very important that the older you get the better you or it should become based on the good law of consistency. However a good number of business owners or entrepreneurs lack growth and can’t confidently defend the business on a success scale.  

Here lies the irony, everyone knows the good goodies, everyone wants it but not everyone knows how, some even know how but not everyone is ready or disciplined enough to do what they know how to get or achieve the good success they want.

I have heard people say oh! He’s just lucky, he is from a buoyant background, he attended the best of schools, some would even say oh! He didn’t grow up in Africa. Wow! Truly all these could be a good advantage but there have been too many advantaged individuals who ended as failure, who wrecked thriving businesses despite having a buoyant background. 

This is good proof that your success or failure is determined by you. Your ability to admire, desire or wish for something wouldn’t bring the thing to you. That could actually be a starting point for making your desire come true but then that’s still in the abstract world, your dreams and desires needs to journey to the world where not only you can see or feel, it has to move to a level where everyone around you even though they might not understand or be able to give it a name, it has to be seen and felt by people around. It starts with knowing what to do and doing it to make your dreams a reality.  

The good question is why would people want what is good, why would people want a good life, know how to get the good life and not do the required to get the good life?

  1. Habits: habits are your custom day to day decisions, or choice. Your habits are those choices or actions you don’t think twice about, your mindset, emotions and body language are in unity to act them out. The core of our habits are mostly built by our experiences at our different premature stages in life when we have to opt for the expedient things. Breaking some of these challenges could be difficult and this has been the reason for most failures. With every growth comes a broken habit and a new or advanced level of habit. Your decisions as a child shouldn’t be same as your decisions as an adult , remember habits are your easy everyday decisions, also, a lifetime is not built in a day it starts with a ticking of the clock, then it runs into minutes, hours, days , months , years , decades and it goes on.   

Ability to break old habits and build new ones, enable you to create daily actions geared towards achieving the good things you want. Success is a product of healthy and intentional habits and not expedient habits.  It requires great discipline to break habits. Also great success can only be achieved by being disciplined.    

  1. Delayed Gratification: most people lack the patience the time required for good success, so they end up dreaming big but act small. Here is a brief illustration,  the maternity period of an elephant and a rabbit, the elephant is pregnant for a long period of twenty-eight months while the rabbit is pregnant for just twenty eight days before birth. Obviously , should the rabbit and the elephant got pregnant at same time definitely one comes first than the other, the same way their results and value are quite different.

If only you’ll decide to be less expedient in your decisions and make choices with a more lasting and sustainable result. Set realistic long term goals and it would serve you for a lifetime.  

  1. Self-Discipline: self-discipline is simply your ability to do what needs to be done on your own authority like you were a subject to a tyrant. You need and wait for no one to cajole you, motivate you to get it.  A good way to rid extinct excuses and procrastination   is through self-discipline. It enables you to run with the objective and not with the labour, stress and difficulties involved with the process of actualizing the objective. 

Everyone loves comfort but what is comfort when it’s short lived, everyone has a comfort zone but it is most differentiated with the quality. 

There are two ways to comfort:

  1.  The easy channels or methods which give small unsatisfying results.

  2. The difficult methods and satisfying results. A major attribute of successful people is the ability to be disciplined. 

Self-discipline is driven by your ability to first, know what you want, follow the path to getting what you want and doing all you need to do without compromise.

Success is not a mystery neither is it a gambling slot, the strong pillar for success is you. Your ability to make intentional choices and act on your choice with all intentionality. Your success or failure is the end value of all your choices. It is left to you, make your choice count.   


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