Reform Cryptocurrency To Protect Australians, Treasurer Says

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The Australian government, led by Treasurer Jim Chalmers, has taken significant steps in shaping the nation’s cryptocurrency regulations. Chalmers has unveiled a comprehensive proposal to subject crypto exchanges and digital asset platforms to the existing Australian financial services laws, ensuring enhanced oversight and security.


The core elements of this proposal include requiring platform operators to obtain an Australian financial services license. This measure is designed to bring transparency and accountability to the sector, addressing the concerns raised by the rapid growth of the crypto industry. Under the proposed changes, platforms that hold assets exceeding $1,500 for an individual or $5 million in aggregate will fall under the regulatory framework, further safeguarding users’ investments.


Additionally, the government is evaluating minimum standards for digital assets like tokens to foster a more secure and stable environment. As approximately one-quarter of Australians have invested in cryptocurrencies, these regulations are intended to mitigate risks and protect the growing number of crypto enthusiasts.


By implementing these measures, the Australian government aims to bolster the trust of digital asset investors and minimize potential threats within the industry, acknowledging the substantial influence of online platforms that handle billions of dollars in assets. This initiative reflects the commitment to create a safer and more stable cryptocurrency market in Australia.

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