Popular Destination To Increase Tourist tax In 2024

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Amsterdam is set to break its own record of having the highest tourist tax in Europe and possibly in the world in the coming year. According to a recently published budget by the city government, the tourist tax will be further increased to fund additional spending, and visitors will be required to make a more significant contribution to the city.
The city’s administration has proposed a hike in the daily fee charged to cruise ship day visitors from 8 to 11 euros (equivalent to $8.50 to $11.60) and an increase in the nightly fee built into hotel room prices to 12.5% of the room rate. This would translate to a significant rise in the total charges for tourists.
The move to increase the tourist tax comes as Amsterdam tries to combat the problem of overtourism that has been plaguing the city in recent years. The measures taken so far include urging undesirable visitors to stay away and limiting cruise arrivals. The city is also making efforts to discourage tourists who come to the city in search of drugs and sex.
The new budget proposal will not only help to curb overtourism but also provide the city with the necessary funds to manage and maintain its tourism infrastructure. With these measures, Amsterdam hopes to strike a balance between attracting visitors and protecting its heritage and natural resources from the adverse effects of excessive tourism.




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