Google Launching Tools to Identify Misleading AI Images

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Google is introducing a new feature in its picture search in an effort to stop the spread of false information in reaction to the ease with which realistic fake photos can now be produced using artificial intelligence algorithms. With the use of deceptive AI-generated graphics like the well-known image of the Pope wearing a puffer jacket, this tool will help stop the spread of false information. Users will be able to access the future ‘About this image’ feature, which will provide them access to more contextual information about an image, such as its initial release date, Google indexing date, and the existence of the image on other web platforms. This feature’s main goal is to help viewers locate an image’s original source while also adding context by including any discrediting information supplied by news organizations. 


In order to ensure that platforms like Midjourney and Shutterstock designate their AI-generated material as such, Google will work with a variety of them. Additionally, Google will do this for each AI-generated image created using its tools. Significantly, Google will soon release its own text-to-picture generator at the same time as the introduction of the “About this image” function. The company claims that this tool will contain details that enable visitors to identify the photographs as being produced by AI.

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