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I think there should be a thing called Self-Forgiveness, a process we have to go through after making decisions that did not work out just as we planned it to. This will keep us from making more wrong decisions.

We make bad choices intentionally or unintentionally, we constantly stay in relationships that we are aware are toxic to our well-being. We do the wrong things because we just could not help ourselves, more so we can’t find any other way out. We broke our promises unintentionally, we look back at the past and we are filled with guilt and regrets of several poor decisions we’ve made, even the ones others have made on our behalf.

In the midst of all these, we remain prisoners of our guilt, stuck in the past, wallow in regrets and nothing good comes out of this, the results are bitterness, brokenness, heavy heart, depression.

At every point we are about to make solid decisions and plans, the devil keeps reminding us of who we’ve once been, we doubt our abilities to do anything right, it leads to making the wrong decisions or the illusion we create, feeling we are protecting ourselves by not making any at all, we remain stagnant.

It is imperative we understand that forgiving ourselves for all this is possible and it is highly needed. We have to rise up and make the best of the numerous chances we’ve got. We have to believe that those wrong choices and decisions were not the best version of who we are.

We have to stop beating ourselves upon those things we can never change nor control and focus our energy on the things that are within our control.

Moreover, who are we not to forgive ourselves when the One, who made us already did, not holding anything against us. We have to come to an understanding that learning and taking responsibility for those decisions while consciously forgiving ourselves is the only way to move forward and experience an uplift in our spirit and enjoy the progress.

We do not deserve to live a bitter and unhappy life, we deserve the very best things life has to offer.

Forgive yourself Today!

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  1. Self forgiveness is actually one of the things one must learn to do on every wrong actions made. Kudos to you ❣️ for this wonderful write up.

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