12 Dynamic Laws Of Power

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What is your concept of power? You know sometimes it is not how much power you wield; it’s about how successfully you can perform even while holding it. Most likely, you’ve never heard of that, so there you go. Due to the way that various movies and even the society we live in portray power as being evil or the way that anyone who suddenly gains power overnight starts acting out like a crazy or demon-possessed being, the majority of people will suddenly get cold feet whenever the concept of power comes up in a random conversation. But this couldn’t be further from the truth because, as a notion, power is neither good nor bad on its own. Everything comes down to the person using that power.


Is there a method to regulate this power without harming yourself or anyone around you, given that it all comes down to the person with the power? There are, and they are referred to as the dynamic laws of power. These are 12 laws of power which will help you operate more productively and keep a healthy balance between your professional and personal life.

1. Guard Your Reputation

You may or may not know this, but your reputation matters greatly. It’s the cornerstone of your power. Yes, you can easily use it to intimidate others in your quest to win, but it will make you vulnerable to attack once it is tarnished. With a solid reputation, you double your strength and attract more people who will look up to you as a role model.


2. Listen More and Speak Less

It is foolish to try impressing others by being a chatterbox. Most people see those who talk too much as untrustworthy and will divulge even the greatest secrets on earth if given the opportunity. So most people tend to avoid someone who talks too much. By controlling the way you talk and choosing to listen more to what others say, you will gain more respect with your power, and people will find you more trustworthy to be confided in.


3. Avoid Trusting People Too Much

Family and Friends can betray you, not to talk of acquaintances or strangers, so do not put your total trust in anyone and end up making the mistake of divulging important secrets in your life that may harm you if it gets to the public. Even as much as you want to get closer to people with your power, do well to set your limits; that is the extent you are free with everyone, especially when it has to do with important information.


4. Hide Your Intentions

As a man or woman with power, sometimes, it is expedient to take some caution because everyone is not for you. Sometimes, you have to hide your intentions because there would be some people out there looking for any little opportunity to take advantage of you or tarnish your reputation. 


5. Win People With Actions, Not Arguments

Any victory you accomplish through arguments won’t last because it’s built on a shaky foundation. And what happens to a shaky foundation? It collapses and sinks everything in, just like it would do to your reputation over time. Resentment will fester in the heart of your opponents rather than a change of opinion based on your words. So let your action speak for you; be sure with your action that you are more likely to sway lasting opinions. Remember the popular adage “ Actions speak louder than words”? Let it be your mantra.


6. Avoid Isolating Yourself from Others

Do not build a fortress around yourself and lock people out. It makes you look like a tyrant or a wicked power lord to people. When you isolate yourself from others, you cut yourself from valuable information that can increase your power and respect among people. Ensure things revolve around you rather than without you. Always resist the urge to cringe and retreat to your shell, even when facing doubts and uncertainties in life.


7. Avoid Offending The Wrong People

In life, you must choose your opponents and enemies wisely because it will determine how far you will progress in life. Correctly measuring people is one of the most important skills you need in getting and maintaining power. Don’t rely on your instincts to understand people; never trust appearances.


8. Recreate Yourself

Do not conform to anyone’s narrative. Don’t accept any identity the society gives to you; rather, forge your own identity, that identity that commands attention and respect. Do not allow anyone to dictate how you should live because everyone is trying to find the sh**t out. To recreate yourself, you must first be self-aware and gain mastery of your emotions. You develop a memorable character that can play any role without losing yourself.


9. Respect People Below and Above You

Just as every other law is important, this is another equally important law and must be mastered. There is something called the law of reciprocity, and all it has to say in layman’s terms is that how you treat people will determine how you would be treated. So if you have power and treat others badly, you can expect them to do the same when they are opportune.


10. Act With Boldness

We all love bold people. Don’t you? Most people tend to follow those who are bold because they feel comforted that this person is willing to risk it all and face the consequences and, as a result, their best bet no matter the challenges that may arise because they know such an individual will always show up. Yes, it’s true; only a few are born bold. But fortunately for the rest of us, it is a habit that Can be cultivated by learning and committing it to heart, with the determination to always show up regardless of any situation.


11. Keep Clean Hands

When I say keep clean hands, I am not saying you should rinse your hand with water and apply sanitiser; rather, it means that it is important that you have to keep a spotless appearance. On no occasion must you be associated with nefarious deeds or shady people because your reputation is very important. It will determine how people see and act towards you regardless of the type or level of power you wield. So you must ensure you associate yourself exclusively with good people or deeds.


12. Plan Thoroughly Even Till The Very End


As a person with power, you cannot just do anything anyhow. You have to think carefully before you take any action and ensure you are satisfied that any loopholes that can lead to failure are properly accounted for. Never succumb to the pressure of making vague plans like a man with no bearing. Your end goal must always be clear as crystal from the beginning.


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