Amazon To Start Using Drones To Deliver Drug Prescriptions

Amazon has announced that it will soon start delivering medicine to customers located in College Station, Texas through drone delivery service. The company’s new service will allow customers to receive their medication within an hour of placing an order with Amazon Pharmacy. 


The service will include over 500 medications for various illnesses such as flu, asthma, and pneumonia. Amazon’s drones will fly at an altitude of up to nearly 400 feet and will first check the delivery area for any obstacles such as pets or children. 


Once cleared, the package will be dropped off to the customer. The service will soon be expanded to other markets, but Amazon has not provided any timeline for the expansion.


Other companies have also tested drone delivery services for medicine. In 2019, UPS successfully carried out drone deliveries for CVS Health locations in Florida. Intermountain Healthcare and Walmart have also announced their own drone delivery services. However, Walmart’s service does not include delivery for prescriptions.

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