After 20 years, Volkswagen decided to reintroduce the VW bus to the North American market

Volkswagen announced on Friday that battery-powered versions of its VW bus will begin to be sold in North America from 2024 onward. This marks the famous model’s return after a two-decade absence.  The development of IDs that are entirely electronic. A longer, seven-passenger version of Buzz will also be available, and it will have a larger, 85 kWh battery to extend its range. “The VW bus left the United States and Canada 20 years ago with the T4 generation. However, the microbus, as the VW bus is known between New York and San Francisco, has kept its cult status up to the present, according to a statement from Volkswagen. The business added that batteries may be charged from 10% to 80% at accessible quick charging stations in 25 minutes. Volkswagen said that all IDs. Buzz vehicles for the North American market will be produced at the Volkswagen facility in Hanover, Germany.

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