We are working on Abuja-London, Houston, New York routes – Air Peace CEO

Air Peace Airlines’ CEO, Allen Onyema, recently announced that the airline is preparing to expand its operations to include flights to New York and Houston by the end of 2024. 


Additionally, the company plans to offer flights from Abuja to London. Onyema revealed this information during an interview with Arise Television on Monday. To facilitate this expansion, Air Peace is currently in the process of acquiring more aircraft. 


The CEO stated that the company is ready to take on more flights, as seven flights from Nigeria are currently going into Gatwick Airport daily, and there is a balance of fourteen flights to do. Onyema emphasized that Air Peace is eager to take on additional flights, adding that the company is expecting more aircraft into the country, purchased by Air Peace. 


If the government approves the Abuja-London route, the airline is ready to take on this new challenge. Onyema also discussed the difficulties the airline faced while trying to achieve the Lagos-London flights, citing both internal and external conspiracies that delayed the launch for seven years. Despite these obstacles, Air Peace is committed to expanding its operations and serving customers in new destinations.

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