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“Whatever you can’t measure, you can’t improve.” This was the trigger statement I made that tripled the revenue growth of a major tech brand in Africa in March 2023.


It is self-sabotage to believe that numbers should be for those in analytics or accounting executives. If you really want to improve on what you do, you must be damn good at numbers.


Permit me to ask you the following questions;

How many clients did you discuss with last week and how many did you end up with? How many hours did it take you to complete your first client project? How many can you handle? What was your projected income this month? How much have you generated? What’s your current customer base? How much did you spend on marketing? How old are you? What is your career strength at the moment? In 24 hours, how many hours do you spend improving on yourself? I could go on and on…


What do you think we discuss in the board rooms? Operations? Hell NO! We discuss Metrics, numbers, and projection strategy. We exist in a world that is ruled and guided by data, even time is measured.


So I say to you, dear entrepreneur, dear thought-leader, dear careerist…  Hope is not a strategy, if you really want to improve your outcome and maintain an exponential growth system, you must study meticulously the numbers that matter around the things you do.


Teach us to number the days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom – the psalmist



Gabriel J. Nissim

Growth Strategist

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