The Crucial Role Of Customer Service In Driving Business Growth

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We live in a world where more attention is focused on tech and innovations, adaptability, and strategic planning among many others, for the enhancement and growth of businesses; whereas, there’s little or no conversation around Customer Service, which is the lifeblood of every business. Unfortunately, it’s a neglected topic swept under the carpet and even a last option for some brands, yet, these brands experience problems as a result of a lack of understanding of how crucial customer service is. As such, there is a need for awareness on this topic, hence the aim of this article, and how it affects businesses.


Presently, there is an ongoing trend in Nigeria, Africa, by a popularly known tomato paste brand – Erisco Foods. This company is being dragged on social media by a customer who seems ready to sue them due to a dissatisfaction she experienced with cooking with Erisco tomato paste. She had complained on different occasions about tasting a great quantity of sugar content in the past, but Erisco ignored it and even tried to shut her up by giving her honest reviews. This resulted in the customer escalating the matter on various social media platforms, attracting the support of other creators who have now joined voices with her.


Interestingly, this is an issue that could easily be resolved with good customer relationship management skills, but unfortunately, the brand, Erisco has turned a deaf ear to this and has instead, chosen to pay hugely for public relations; to repair their damaged image. Unbeknownst to them, they are discouraging potential customers and driving away existing ones. They have lost the love and trust of customers due to the inability to own up to mistakes and make amends. 


Undeniably, we are currently in a hyper-competitive world where products and services can often be replicated, and features easily imitated, nonetheless, customer service is the powerful differentiating factor for thriving businesses aiming for sustainable growth. Beyond resolving issues and maintaining a good brand image, customer service plays a pivotal role in building long-lasting relationships, fostering brand loyalty, and driving positive word-of-mouth referrals. Here are some of the reasons you should pay attention to customer service to enhance business growth. 

1. To Build Customer Loyalty

Ever seen a business with outstanding customer service? If yes, you must have noticed a strong connection between the brand and the customers. When customers feel valued, heard, and supported, they are more likely to remain loyal to a brand even in the face of cheaper alternatives. On the contrary, when they are treated with disdain and every attempt they make to be heard is being attacked, the customer loses interest in the brand and settles for other brands with better customer service. 


Using the brand – Erisco as the case study for this article, it’s evident that they have lost their customers’ loyalty, and this will reduce the market demand, thus drastically dropping the brand’s revenue. To avert this, they would need to start afresh by building a good customer rapport, considering the complaints of the customers, and working to regain their trust.


2. To Enhance Brand Reputation


Customers associate the quality of a service or product with the overall reputation of a brand. If a brand has built a good reputation of integrity, consistent and exceptional service delivery, and openness to feedback, they are more likely to be patronized repeatedly than those brands that don’t. Though it’s popularly said: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” it’s important to consider the era in which we’re in, where the attention span of many people has been reduced such that if a potential customer goes through a business page and their attention cannot be captured for the next five to ten seconds, enough to keep them glued, then that customer has been lost. The ability of their attention to be held and retained is determined by the level of reputation that’s been built, and the reputation is a factor of the overall brand image, consistency, and adequate public relations invested in the business.


Though your brand may have good customer service intentions and killer customer-retention strategies, if it’s not well represented on your business social media handles; either through appealing visuals, testimonials, unique brand voice, follow-ups in the comment section, or even all of these – such that it could create a great perception at first glance, then your efforts may result to a diminished impact. Contrastingly, a positive reputation not only attracts new customers but also helps retain existing ones, thus ensuring business growth.


3. Driving Positive Word-of-Mouth


Satisfied customers are not only likely to return but also spread the word about their positive experiences, through their social media handles, online review platforms, and other channels including their network. This endorsement can reach a vast audience within seconds, thus promoting the brand and encouraging others to patronize it. Likewise, an unsatisfied and poorly treated customer would also share their negative experiences thereby, tarnishing the brand’s reputation, and discouraging prospective customers from the brand. This is because customers thrive in communities, not isolation. For every customer you gain, there are five other potential customers, and they can only be won when your existing customers speak well about your business to them.


4. Differentiating in a Competitive Market


Just like the Erisco tomato paste brand, there exists many other tomato paste brands with similar or even cheaper prices, but the key differentiating factor that provides a unique selling point is customer service; and this attribute is only peculiar to businesses that go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. These businesses set themselves apart as industry experts amidst the fierce market competition. This differentiation not only attracts new customers but also helps in retaining existing ones.


In a dynamic business landscape, where customer expectations continue to evolve, the significance of exceptional customer service cannot be overstated. Beyond being a cost center, customer service emerges as a strategic asset that drives business growth, fosters brand loyalty, and ensures long-term success. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and investing in robust support systems, businesses can carve out a distinct competitive advantage and thrive in today’s customer-centric economy.

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