Tesla to build 25,000-euro car at German plant – source

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Tesla is reportedly planning to build a €25,000 ($26,837.50) car at its factory near Berlin, according to an anonymous source. The electric vehicle manufacturer has long been aiming for mass uptake of its cars, and the source did not specify when production will begin. 


During his visit to the plant in Gruenheide near Berlin, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, thanked the staff for their hard work and informed them of the plans to build the 25,000-euro vehicle there. Musk had previously teased the prospect of a more affordable electric car but had to shelve the plan in 2022 as he had not yet mastered the technology. 


However, sources have indicated that the company is closing in on an innovation that would allow it to die-cast nearly all of the underbody of the electric vehicle in one piece, which would help speed up the production process and bring down costs. 


Tesla aims to increase vehicle deliveries to 20 million by 2030, which makes expanding into the mass market critical. However, a weak economy and high-interest rates have hit demand for electric vehicles, prompting Tesla and others to cut prices in recent months in an attempt to boost sales. Tesla declined to comment on the report.

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