Samsung To Launch Galaxy Foldable Next Year. To Sell  At $500

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Samsung is reportedly developing an economical Galaxy foldable smartphone that may be priced in line with mid-range Galaxy A series models. As indicated in Revegnus’s post on X, this budget-friendly foldable is expected to range between $400 to $500, positioning it as one of the most reasonably priced options in Samsung’s foldable lineup.


Referred to as the Galaxy Z FE (lite model), the more budget-oriented foldable could potentially make its debut after the release of the Galaxy Z Fold6/Flip6 series, likely towards the latter part of 2024. The suggested price point indicates a substantial reduction, possibly aligning with the clamshell form factor.


Should these leaked price details prove accurate, the Galaxy Z FE’s cost would undercut the latest Galaxy S23 FE, valued at $599 in the US and Rs 59,999 in India. Should it hit the market at around the $400 price bracket, it would even be more economical than the mid-range 5G phone Galaxy A54. Specific details or features of the Galaxy Z FE are yet to be disclosed, but Samsung may likely make adjustments to lower the price, especially in comparison to their flagship models. Meanwhile, brands like Motorola have already introduced foldable phones with a clamshell design priced below Rs 50,000 in India.


Although the foldable market is gaining momentum and more companies are offering lower-priced options, these devices still remain more expensive than conventional smartphones. Samsung’s strides in creating an affordable foldable might pave the way for similar approaches from other brands, leading to a broader array of cost-effective options in the foldable smartphone segment.

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