Nvidia will challenge Intel by producing Arm-based PC chips

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Nvidia is a company that specializes in creating computer processors for artificial intelligence. Recently, they have started developing chips that would run on Microsoft’s Windows operating system, using technology from Arm Holdings. This is part of Microsoft’s effort to produce Arm-based processors for Windows PCs, to compete with Apple, which has gained a significant market share in recent years by developing its Arm-based CPUs for Mac computers.

Other companies such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Qualcomm are also planning to develop processors for PCs using Arm technology. In the future, we may see Nvidia and AMD producing PC CPUs as early as 2025. Qualcomm has already been producing Arm-based laptop processors since 2016, and they plan to release more information about their flagship chip on Tuesday.

This development is putting pressure on Intel, which has long dominated the PC market. Apple’s proprietary chips have allowed their Mac laptops to perform better and have longer battery life than PCs with CPUs from other manufacturers. Microsoft is hoping to achieve similar success with Arm-based processors, especially when it comes to AI processing.

If Microsoft and the chip companies go forward with their plans, it may not be easy. Programmers have invested billions of dollars in creating Windows code that operates on the x86 processing architecture, which is a platform shared by AMD and Intel. On Arm-based designs, computer programs developed for x86 processors may not always work, and the conversion may provide challenges.

In conclusion, this development could potentially change the PC market and Intel’s dominance. We will have to wait and see how this competition plays out in the coming years.

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