“Nigeria Leads in Global Electricity Deficit,” British Envoy Says

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The British Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr. Richard Montgomery, expressed his concerns regarding Nigeria’s electricity deficit, stating that it holds the unfortunate distinction of having the world’s largest electricity deficit. He made these remarks during a roundtable discussion centered on the Electricity Act 2023. Mr. Montgomery emphasized that Nigeria’s economic prosperity is closely tied to the transformation of its power sector.


The two-day roundtable, titled “Implications and Opportunities for State Electricity Markets,” was convened by the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) and was financially supported by the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office. At the event, Ms. Gill Atkinson, the Deputy British High Commissioner to Nigeria, represented Mr. Montgomery. During the discussion, Mr. Montgomery stressed the urgency of bridging the gap between the power sector and inclusive growth. He highlighted the need to explore new avenues for expanding electricity access to a larger portion of the Nigerian population.


The British envoy acknowledged that Nigeria’s power sector challenges affect approximately 90 million people in the country. He encouraged Nigerians to collaborate with the government to address this critical issue. Furthermore, Mr. Montgomery mentioned the government’s efforts in implementing essential macroeconomic reforms but noted that short-term difficulties related to factors like exchange rates and fuel subsidies are impacting the lives of Nigerians. Even those connected to the electrical grid face frequent power outages and unreliable supply.


Mr. Montgomery’s remarks underscore the urgent need to address Nigeria’s electricity deficit and seek innovative solutions to provide more reliable and accessible electricity to the Nigerian population.

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