Mastering Confidence: A Creative’s Guide To Excelling Tn Interviews.

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Building a career in any industry you find yourself in is almost unachievable without having to feature or be featured in an interview; especially if you want to grow at a faster pace and expose your brand to a wider audience – who will become your potential customers or good referrals. In present times, interviews have taken over some social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube in newer dimensions – meaning that only those who position themselves strategically in the market and are not afraid to move out of their comfort zone and challenge the “status quo,” will get the most recognition and brand awareness; especially those in the media industry.



Judging from the results evident in the brands of influencers who have participated in interviews, there’s no doubt that interviews provide good public relations as well as career enhancement for brands. Funke Jennifer Akindele – a popular Nigerian actress and filmmaker, is a good example of this scenario, in her numerous interviews with media firms on her new film “A Tribe Called Judah.” 



However, unfortunately, a lot of rising creatives tend to shy away from it, not because of a shortage of knowledge about it but rather due to the fear of public speaking or lack of self-confidence. This lack therefore prevents them from taking a step; how much more, making a lasting impression in the lives of clients, employers, and the audience listening. Notwithstanding, though interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, one can instill confidence and boost one’s self-esteem with the right mindset and preparation.



Here’s a guide to help you boost your confidence and excel in interviews



Preparation is key


It would be a travesty not to gain familiarity with whomever you intend to feature in an interview with. You would unconsciously give the impression of one who is careless or doesn’t pay attention to details… and that’s not a good start. Therefore, to stand out during an interview, ensure to do a thorough research about your client or organization, and have a background knowledge about them. Familiarize yourself with interview questions and practice your responses. Also, practice how to speak eloquently; observing pauses occasionally, knowing when to make interruptions and when not, and of course, how to redirect a question if you don’t feel comfortable enough to answer it in public. Summarily, the more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel. 



Highlight your achievements


As one who wants to leverage interviews for brand awareness, it’s imperative to have a list of your experiences and past roles at your fingertips for easy and accurate responses. Not only that, it also demonstrates your expertise in your craft. There’s a level of depth you will get to during an interview – discussing your successful projects, challenges overcome, and the impact of your work – which will prove that you possess practical skills and a deep understanding of your craft. This is not all. By highlighting your relevant experiences, you build credibility in the eyes of the interviewer. Real-world examples of your accomplishments provide tangible evidence of your abilities, making it easier for the interviewer to trust in your capabilities as a media creative. 


It also Illustrates Problem-Solving Skills. Generally speaking, creative roles often involve solving unique challenges. When you discuss how you tackled specific problems or creatively addressed issues in your past roles, you not only showcase your problem-solving skills but also boost your confidence in your ability to navigate similar challenges in the future.



Dress The Part


They say “Dress as you want to be addressed.” If you want to be addressed as a professional in an industry, you need to dress like one. Your attire sets the tone for the interview and contributes to the initial impression you make. Because first impressions are formed quickly, people don’t hesitate to judge a book by its cover – in this context, conclude on your unprofessionalism due to your shabby appearance. This is because they don’t get to see the “real you” from a distance. Therefore, it’s up to you to create a lasting visual impression about yourself in their minds. By dressing professionally, you convey a sense of seriousness and commitment to the role, which can boost your confidence as you present yourself as a capable and dedicated media creative. 



Also, wearing clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable enhances your self-image. When you’re comfortable with your appearance, you’re more likely to exude confidence in your body language and responses during the interview.



Body Language Matters


Body language is a powerful non-verbal tool that can significantly contribute to instilling confidence in yourself as a creative during an interview through:


 Confidence Projection


Positive body language, such as maintaining good posture, making eye contact, and using purposeful gestures, projects confidence. When you appear confident, it not only influences the interviewer’s perception but also reinforces your self-assurance.



– Open and Engaging Posture

An open and engaging posture, such as sitting up straight and leaning slightly forward, conveys interest and enthusiasm. This not only makes you more appealing to the interviewer but also enhances your confidence by creating a sense of active engagement in the conversation.



– Firm Handshake


A firm handshake at the beginning of the interview exudes confidence and professionalism. It sets a positive tone for the interaction and establishes your presence. This initial confident gesture can positively influence your mindset throughout the interview.



– Eye Contact


Maintaining appropriate and consistent eye contact demonstrates sincerity and attentiveness. It creates a connection between you and the interviewer, fostering a sense of trust. This trust can boost your confidence as you feel more connected and respected in the conversation.



– Smiling and Expressiveness


A genuine smile and expressive facial expressions can make you appear approachable and friendly. This warmth not only enhances your likability but also contributes to your confidence by creating a positive and comfortable atmosphere.



By combining thorough preparation, highlighting your achievements, and dressing your part, you can instill confidence in yourself during job interviews. 


However, there are specific ways in which you can build confidence in yourself by staying authentic and making powerful confessions. These will be explained in the second part of this article. Remember that confidence is a skill that can be developed over time, and with practice, you’ll find yourself navigating interviews with ease. Embrace each opportunity as a chance to showcase your abilities and leave a lasting impression on potential employers.


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