Lagos Becomes The Top Place To Visit In 2024, Surpassing Destinations Like Beijing, Dubai, And Miami

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According to a report by Time Out, Lagos State has been ranked as the 19th best city to visit in the world. This comes a few weeks after the Economist Intelligence Unit described Lagos State as the fourth worst city to live in the world. The report by Time Out, a global platform that publishes travel guides and magazines, drew its conclusion from a survey of more than 20,000 city dwellers around the world, along with its network of editors. Lagos, South Africa’s Cape Town (ranked second) and Ghana’s Accra (44th) were the only African cities that made it to the list.


The criteria used to rate the cities include food (quality and affordability), culture, nightlife, how the city makes people feel, strong community vibes, access to green space, historic sites, and much more. Time Out encouraged global citizens to visit Lagos, Africa’s most populous city, saying that there is something for everyone in the city, whether you’re a staunch mainlander or from Lekki.


The report further stated that Lagos has a lot going for it when it comes to the standard of living. 96 percent of locals are happy, 98 percent would call Lagos beautiful and the city got a 92 percent friendliness rating, too. The report also highlighted Victoria Island’s trifecta of swanky resorts, food huts, and nightlife, Ikeja’s Kuti’s Bistro, owned by the legendary afrobeat family, for serving up “reliably delicious food”, and Oniru Beach as a relaxation spot. The expansion of Lagos and its suburbs, including the Eko Atlantic City and Epe, on the north side of Lekki Lagoon, were also highlighted as major developments to watch out for.


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