Interswitch TechConnect Highlights Digital Payment Innovation’s Role in Microfinance Banking

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Interswitch, a prominent African company specializing in integrated payments and digital commerce, recently organized the TechConnect event in Port-Harcourt. This event brought together leaders, experts, and stakeholders from various industries to delve into the transformative influence of digital payments in the microfinance sector.


The event included a keynote address delivered by Tyoyila Aga, Group Head of Financial Services Business, Digital Infrastructure and managed Services at Interswitch Systegra. Aga discussed the latest trends in digital payment solutions, such as mobile wallets, QR codes, and contactless payments, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping the future of microfinance banking.


Attendees also gained valuable insights into the technological advancements that are reshaping financial services and the potential these innovations have for promoting financial inclusion and economic empowerment.


Aga highlighted the significance of digital payments innovation for the microfinance sector, emphasizing the growth opportunities it offers and its potential to enhance financial inclusion. Interswitch is deeply committed to driving the growth of digital payments both within Nigeria and beyond.


Aga expressed excitement about the company’s efforts in spreading awareness about the benefits of digital payment innovation for the microfinance sector. Interswitch, dedicated to propelling the digital transformation of Nigeria’s financial services, takes pride in its leading role in shaping the future of microfinance banking.


The TechConnect series for this year has already seen successful events in Ibadan, Abuja, Enugu, and now Port-Harcourt, with the final event scheduled to take place in Lagos.


The event also featured panel discussions in which industry leaders engaged in conversations about diverse growth strategies for the microfinance sector. They shared their perspectives on harnessing digital technologies to drive growth in the financial industry.

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