In Atlanta, Boeing 757 Loses Its Nose Wheel Just Before Takeoff

Over the weekend, a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 passenger jet experienced a mishap when its nose wheel came off and rolled away while it was lining up for takeoff at Atlanta’s international airport. Fortunately, none of the 184 passengers or six crew members aboard were hurt during the incident. The FAA is investigating the incident, and Boeing has declined to comment.


This incident comes after Alaska Airlines’ 8-week-old Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet experienced a mid-air blowout of a fuselage panel, which led to a gaping hole in the plane. Though no one was seriously injured during the blowout, the FAA grounded 171MAX 9s following the incident. The agency has also recommended that airlines inspect door plugs on Boeing 737-900ER jets to ensure they are properly secured after some carriers reported loose hardware during inspections of grounded MAX 9 planes. Read more


The Boeing company has not commented on the Delta Air Lines incident, and the FAA has not yet released any further information regarding their investigation.

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