Health & Wellness: A Creative Way to Start Your Day as an Entrepreneur

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Not an early starter like me? Who does not enjoy the sound of a shrill alarm and is not a morning person? Do you prefer to never use an alarm? Nobody wants to be woken awake at an obscene hour in the morning by the sound of an alarm. However, the reality is that neither your employer nor the world, economy, or hectic to-do lists care. So here we are, having to decide between continuing to have our typical horrible mornings or making mornings work for us.

I am aware that you would much prefer to attend a meeting at midnight, a yoga class, or whatever else you may have planned than do anything in the morning. It’s time to inject some positive energy into your mornings with some positive morning vibes rather than sulking and grumbling away as usual.

Here are a couple of my tried-and-true morning routines to get your day off to a good start. Got any more to add? Post a sentence in the comments section.

  • Drink a glass of warm water whole: Early in the morning, drinking a glass of warm water will help jump-start digestion, eliminate harmful oral bacteria, reduce inflammation, and possibly give your immune system a quick boost. At the very least, drink a glass of water in the morning before eating or taking anything. It is a technique for hydrating your body after it has been dehydrated.

  • Exercise Your Body: Physical health benefits from exercise! The finest thing for your physical health is regular exercise. It’s excellent for both physical and mental wellness, not simply for physical fitness. Exercise can improve your sleep quality, mood, and capacity for productivity, as well as make you feel better overall. It is a fantastic technique to stimulate your body’s synthesis of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins as well as help with mild bouts of depression. Any type of exercise is acceptable, whether done inside or outside. Make sure it is a part of your morning ritual, whichever one you like.

  • Eat Breakfast: It is not necessary for anyone to inform you that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day. A breakfast rich in carbs and Omega-3 fatty acids will assist to improve your memory and keep you focused all day. Dark berries and whole-grain cereals are two examples of foods that are excellent for brain function. The lesser known impacts of skipping a balanced breakfast include decreased body temperature, a reduction in mental arithmetic ability, and a greater sense of weariness throughout the day.

  • Listen to music or affirmations: This is also one great way to start your morning on a good note. I do this a lot, either during exercise, my me-time, or breakfast. Listening to some kinds of music (jazz, etc.) or affirmations is an awesome way to exercise the mind and can really change your whole day, making you feel more energized throughout the morning. It could also be a form of mental exercise.

Everyone knows it can be pretty hard to wake up and get out of bed in the morning but it is important to have a regimented routine that you can follow most days to train your body and brain to perform at its highest capacity. Although, there is room for flexibility as there is a surprising amount of creativity you can add, depending on your interests and how early you’re able to wake up.

This looks simple on the surface but definitely takes a lot of deliberate and conscious effort. Although not limited to the following, here are some ways to self-motivate to keep yourself on track:

  • Create an encouraging and secure working environment for yourself. 

  • Value your work

  • Seek growth and explore new things 

  • Spark your curiosity by asking questions and seeking answers

  • Take on challenges and accept failure as a learning process

  • Reward yourself for accomplishing a task. Although be careful not to possess an extrinsic motivation because it is likely to result in limited progress that vanishes when the reward disappears. So be discerning when offering rewards for good work.

  • Avoid power struggles. Realistically, you won’t be able to take on every struggle, so choose your battles wisely.

  • Make a clear-cut list of unacceptable behaviours and resulting consequences

  • Have a changed mindset

  • Build on strengths. Find an area in which you Excel and focus on it. 


With patience, understanding and hard work, you can help yourself to find a path to career success.

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