Facebook and Instagram will charge EU users for an ad-free experience

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Meta Platforms, the company behind Instagram and Facebook, is considering offering subscription plans without ads to users in Europe. 


This move is in response to European Union regulations that could limit Meta’s ability to personalize ads without user consent, affecting its main source of revenue. 


While various pricing options were discussed, a 10 euro per month plan appears to be the most likely. This choice between a free, ad-supported option and a paid subscription could help Meta align with regulations without impacting its ad business.


On mobile devices, the cost for a single account would increase to around 13 euros due to commissions from Apple and Google’s app stores. In comparison, Netflix charges 7.99 euros for a basic subscription, YouTube Premium costs about 12 euros, and Spotify’s Premium service is priced at about 11 euros.


Meta recently faced a 390 million euro fine from Ireland’s Data Privacy Commissioner and was advised not to use the “contract” as a legal basis for sending users ads based on their online activity. 


Consequently, Meta announced its intention to seek user consent in the EU before allowing businesses to target ads, aiming to meet evolving regulatory requirements in the region. 


A spokesperson for Meta expressed their commitment to “free services supported by personalized ads” while exploring options to ensure compliance with changing regulations. 


However, Meta, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, and the European Commission have refrained from providing additional comments on the matter.

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