Cybersecurity Awareness Month: UK Information Technology Services Shares Valuable Tips and Tricks

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As Cybersecurity Awareness Month commences, the University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (UK ITS) gears up to unveil crucial insights, offer expert tips, provide educational training sessions, and culminate the month with the highly anticipated CyberCon 2023 event.


Jennifer Edwards, an integral member of the university’s enterprise cybersecurity team, emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity education for all. She further underscores the critical role of providing comprehensive cybersecurity training to empower higher education professionals. 


She emphasizes that this training not only strengthens the institution’s defenses against evolving threats but also fosters a culture of digital vigilance. This, in turn, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the future of education in our ever-more interconnected world.


In commemorating the 20th anniversary of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, initially designated by Congress in 2004, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) now urges individuals to adopt a set of straightforward measures to prioritize cybersecurity throughout the entire year.


In response to prompts: Consider activating multifactor authentication for all your online accounts. This additional layer of security significantly lowers the risk of unauthorized access and potential hacking incidents.


Report phishing attempts: When you receive a suspicious email attempting to gain access to your personal information, report it to your email provider, IT department or wherever you receive the attempt. 

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