It's part of our culture at GABI to collaborate with you, as you have featured in one of GABI Magazine edition, which serves two possible; to foster a cordial relationship and a way of compensating you for the time spent during the interview and also engaging your audience through awareness.

We at GABI seek to collaborate with you, in the promoting the edition you were featured.


We believe gaining ascendancy is a two-way thing, in which partnership has the main portion. We are a passion-driven media firm, although still aiming towards raising above the dias. We believe our effort as a media and an educational firm is set to touching a good number of persons even from where we are.


We create a coupon code for you using your name or brand. The coupon code allows subscribers or audiences to get a 7% discount when purchasing the GABI Magazine edition you featured. We expect that you engage your audience's influence. While you get 14% on every single sale made through your coupon code. Duration: The code expires after the month of publication.


At our end we send you a weekly report, to update your accumulation. We credit your account the very day your code expires.

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