Central Bank of Nigeria Raises Interest Rate to 18.5% Amidst Economic Concerns  

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has made a significant decision to raise its benchmark interest rates to 18.5% during the third meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). This comes just months after the interest rate was previously raised in March, highlighting the ongoing efforts to address inflation and maintain the economy. However, critics express concerns about the potential consequences of higher borrowing costs. They worry about the impact on consumer spending and the challenges faced by individuals and businesses in servicing existing debts. 

Some suggest alternative approaches, such as improving the supply chain and addressing energy costs, to tackle inflation without burdening the populace further. In response to the discontent, the CBN emphasizes the need to balance inflation control and economic growth. The bank pledges to closely monitor price developments and collaborate with fiscal authorities to address the root causes of inflation. As Nigerians navigate the effects of the interest rate increase, there are calls for transparent communication, increased dialogue, and inclusive decision-making processes to ensure that citizens’ concerns and interests are taken into account.


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