Apple Releases Next-Gen Macs And Chips With Upgraded Graphics

Apple released its latest MacBook Pro, iMac, and a trio of M3 chips, emphasizing professional user needs. The 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,599, with the 16-inch version priced from $2,499. The new iMac featuring the M3 chip family begins at $1,299, with availability starting next week.


Apple has made substantial inroads in its Mac business, doubling its market share to nearly 11% since transitioning to its custom-designed chips in 2020, moving away from Intel. These Apple silicon chips, developed with Arm Holdings technology, have provided improved battery life and performance, solidifying Apple’s dominance in the Mac market.


One unique feature of Apple’s approach is integrating both the central processor unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) into its chips, enhancing overall performance compared to competitors. This strategy has prompted other companies like Qualcomm and Nvidia to intensify their efforts in the market.


Apple’s latest chips will employ 3 nanometer manufacturing technology, offering superior performance per watt. During the event, Apple showcased the performance of its new Macs compared to older Intel-based models, highlighting the significant speed improvements. Apple’s continuous innovation in hardware further solidifies its position in the industry.

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