Siri’s Intelligence; Apple making notable strides in advancing its AI capabilities

Apple is making notable strides in advancing its AI capabilities, with plans to leverage AI technology to enhance Siri’s functionality, which has fallen behind its competitors. The company’s Senior Vice Presidents, John Giannandrea and Craig Federighi, are leading the charge in this effort. Giannandrea’s team is focused on developing new AI systems that can make Siri more intelligent, with a potential launch set for next year. 

Federighi’s team is working on integrating AI into future versions of iOS, which will enhance Siri and the Messages app.

Apple is in the midst of internal discussions regarding the implementation of generative AI, where the company is weighing the pros and cons of “on-device” and “cloud-based” approaches. 

On-device AI offers the advantage of speed and privacy, while cloud-based AI has the potential to provide more advanced capabilities by leveraging vast amounts of data. Although Apple has been relatively quiet in the AI space compared to competitors like Meta, Microsoft, and Google over the past year, the company is under increasing pressure to catch up and enhance its AI offerings.

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