Amazon layoffs staffs cut jobs in the communication department including Prime Video, Music

Amazon recently announced that it would be reducing its workforce in its communication departments, which include Amazon Studios, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Music divisions. 


The layoffs have affected less than 1 percent of Amazon’s global communications team, which is reportedly around 5 percent of the workforce in these communication divisions. 


The cuts are taking place both domestically and internationally. The affected employees will receive their regular pay and benefits for 60 days and will be eligible for severance packages, transitional benefits, and assistance with job placement. 


Amazon spokesperson Brad Glasser explained that the company regularly evaluates its teams’ structure and makes adjustments based on business needs, and the recent decision was a difficult one. 

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy acknowledges that firing 27,000 employees was challenging but believes that the decision will benefit the company in the long run.

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