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Our vision is to position these young entrepreneurs to become the world's most influential with strong decision-making power in the entrepreneurial space. 

We're on a mission to help give student entrepreneurs the opportunity to accelerate their success, and when they are done with school, they can challenge the status quo and make the greatest impact possible in their community.


The GABI Studentpreneur Conference and Awards is a premier global recognition and impaction for students who own and operate a business while attending university or college. All Applicants are impacted by top-notch coaches to further help them prepare for the larger market. Then GABI releases the top 100 for the year.

1. You must currently be enrolled in a Nigerian University/Polytechnic/College as an undergraduate student at the time of application.

2. You must be the owner or founder/Co-founder of a business/enterprise or a brand.

3. Your brand or business must bear a name.

4. Your business or brand must have a functional Instagram page

5. Your student business must have been in operation for at least six consecutive months prior to the application

6. The age range for participation is 16-27 years

The criteria for the Studentpreneur Award is split into two sections

Section A

Evaluation of the Student Entrepreneur

  1. The student entrepreneur demonstrates the tenacious spirit needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. They have encountered challenges, overcome them, and learned from their mistakes.
  2. The student entrepreneur is effectively integrating the two roles of life – as a student AND a business owner.
  3. The student demonstrates a desire to build a better tomorrow. They aim to improve a process or solve a problem with motivations not solely based on driving profits.

Section B:

Evaluate the Student Business

  1. Has the student demonstrated a knowledge of strong business fundamentals? Have they provided information relating to the growth, revenue and profit of the business?
  2. The student should be able to present the vision statement and business goal of his or her startup.
  3. Does the student business show strong potential for future growth?
  4. Business brand positioning on social media and customer reviews

Prizes are generally a combination of cash, business services, award presentation, and recognition.


  • Prizes. Top 3 Studentpreneurs receives a cash prize of N1.3Million  N1Million  N700 Thousand respectively
  • Media PR Deal worth of N1Million. You will receive national media attention for yourself and your business
  • Award presentation


  • List of recognition
  • Award presentation
  • Feedback and Mentorship from successful entrepreneurs.


Application closes 5th May 2022.


The Studentpreneur virtual conference for 2022 is honoured to have these amazing business coaches



A transformational Speaker


Tricia Biz

A Sales and Marketing Coach

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-20 at 6.35.31 AM

Gabriel J. Nissim

Business and Growth Strategist

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Emily Wale-Koya

Personal branding Coach


All activities of the event take place virtually. Applicants’ forms are screened and shortlisted by our reputable panelists.

The publication date for the TOP-100 Studentpreneurs for the year would be announced via our media platforms.

The conference is a 2-day business session with top-notch business coaches.

The studentpreneur conference is an open benefit to all applicants. 

The conference is a 2-day business session with top-notch business coaches.

The 2022 edition is the maiden edition, we look forward to hosting this life-changing award event annually.

You can. However, having a registered business is an added advantage.

The 2022 edition is only open to Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges.

Students who are monetizing their skills or running a business or literally growing a brand with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Application closes 5th May 2022.

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