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You are most welcome.

We’re always searching for bright and talented minds to join the ever-growing team of GABI.

Working in the media industry is exciting and GABI is the best place to explore if you choose to grow your career on this path.

  • What you are about to apply for is strictly a remote position: Meaning you are to function virtually and effectively.
  • All applicants should have a good level of expertise in their job role, and you should be able to function to a great extent without supervision.
  • Qualified candidates for our program must be able to work under demanding deadlines with a high level of communication skills, as our interns function remotely.
  • The GABI Media internship program is highly competitive, and our interns are held to a high standard.
  • The GABI Media Internship program is an unpaid program.
  • We issue an e-certificate with a widely recognize media recommendation at your internship completion.
  • Spotted creatives might be offered to join the GABI GLOBAL team.
  • Practical experience with media influence.
  • Strategic seminar for individual growth.
  • Spotlight.


  • To create high-quality content & Articles.
  • Copy editing and critical thinking
  • Research and facts finding.
  • Content Strategizing
  • Interview and transcription  
  • Blogging skill is an added advantage
  • Podcasting Skill is an Added advantage
  • News Content Update
  • Research and facts finding.
  • Press/media release content development
  • Event media Coverage
  • Exclusive Interview and transcription  
  • Keywords content strategy for blogging
  • Onboarding paid beats
  • Ability to use effectively graphics tools to produce a creative illustration. The same applies to motion graphics.
  • Brand management with communicative distinct designs
  • Video designer: Creating a sale video and also editing existing video for inspirational use
  • Self motivate and vast knowledge of brand communication
  • Effective management of social media page
  • High metric engagement and growth
  • High level of community growth and management
  • Trend updates and communication
  • Strategic content development.
  • Brand communication
  • Meta Ads. skill is an added advantage
  • High level of community growth and management
  • Preselling skill of image
  • Writing PR Copies
  • Information disseminating skill
  • Research and fact-finding
  • Vast knowledge and high level of communication skill
  • High-level relationship building and maintenance.
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ability to create a sales copy(copywriting)
  • Prospecting and onboarding clients