Hello! Welcome to one of the most creative and amazing writing competitions you could ever come across. It's high time you gave your pen a spark. This competition is free to all writers of different genres of literature (either short story, poetry, fiction or non-fiction writing, article writing.). This season, GWA is giving out mouth watering prizes to its winners and contestants worth N150, 000.

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GABI WRITERS’ AWARD is a seasonal writers’ contest that virtually home her contestants across the globe and brings out their best of talent using the pen as a weapon for creativity and growth.

The competition is free to all genres of writers; (either short story, poetry, fiction or non-fiction writing, article writing.)

The competition is open to all genres (either short story, poetry, fiction or non-fiction writing, article writing.) of writers in any part of Africa 

Age grade: Youths and adults.

– Past and present members/staff is not eligible for the competition


STEP TWO: All participants must take note of the following,

  • Originality in writing
  • Properly edited
  • All works must be the writers’ original works.
  • Early Submission of works as the deadline dictates.

STEP THREE: Other guides that would enhance your greater chances of winning would be sent to your mail.

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The competition is in 2 phases;

Phase 1: The preliminary stage is the entry stage.

– Participants submit original write-ups of their own, (either short story, poetry, fiction or non-fiction writing, article writing.

– Participants can write on any theme/topic.
– From this stage, the judges pick the first 30 best writers for the competition proper based on originality and content structure.

Phase 2: This phase consists of 3 stages where participants will be selected based on:
– Originality
– practicability
– audience engagement
– Relatability and
– Creativity

30 writers -1st stage (phase 2)
10 writers- 2nd stage
3 writers – the final stage

At this phase, all the 30 writers automatically become winners as they will all be going home with the consolation prizes.

Note: the competition starts at phase 2

Three Grand Winners, 7 recognitions

1st Prize

>   N100, 000 ($243) + A physical award + 2 months magazine feature + recognition(PR) + Publication + certification

2nd Prize

> N30, 000 ($72) + physical award + recognition + 2 months Publication + certification

3rd Prize

> N20, 000 ($48)  + physical award + recognition + 2 months Publication + certification

1st 7 runners up

> Recognition + Publication + certification + free workshop of any of GABI’s programs. 

Note: All participants selected for the first stage of the competition will get the one-month free publication of their write-ups on the GABI website, plus an honorary recognition on the GABI website and Instagram page and one free workshop of any of GABI’s programs. 

For everyone who qualifies into the second phase

  • Free skill-set training with certification by the Nissim organization
  • Social networking – get to meet other amazing writers
  • Free workshop of any of GABI’s programs. One entry.
  • All writers that get to qualify for the competition will have the chance to virtually meet each other and get trained through the chosen social platform. Hence, every competitor will know each other strengths and weaknesses.

  • Every writer that qualifies for the competition will be given grand recognition on our Instagram page and their writeup will be displayed on both the GABI website and Instagram page.

  • Qualified participants may be contacted by GABI’s mgt. on Instagram live video at any period of the competition. (It’s part of the recognition package)

 Registration closes 20th August.

Competition begins 22nd August – 17th September

Competiton progress would be live on our Instagram page for the audience to witness.



Don't doubt your ink, put it to the finest test. After all, it is a win win for all.

Entry fee: N3000

Registration closes August 20




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